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The arabic magic society is a worldwide family of white magicians dedicated to assisting and training people just like you in the craft of white magic. We also offer many services to the seekers of magic that works many powerful spells and talismans are available and still more rare and old manuscripts unavailable to public.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Rare manuscripts

A great number of old and rare manucripts are available (more than 300 manuscripts in arabic,persian and Ottoman) and the society sells copies in PDF format.
Price : $ 30 for each copy.
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About me

A brief introduction:

Let me introduce myself,I m Shamiram occultist and magic teacher,I devoted many years studying the secrets of ancient magic (Chaldean,nabatean,greek and finally arabic magic the real and powerful one!
I have been teaching magic and translated many old manuscripts from different parts of the world and I was helped by many friends of the path including non arabic speakers : Turkey,India,Iran..............
Nowadays many people look for magic that works in vain! in spite of the great number of sites devoted to spells and healing etc,in the this modest website i would like to offer any kind of assistance to people who are in difficult situations and help them solve their problems through angelic magic and wisdom.
I am also glad to help anyone understand ancient magic from many magical schools especially arabic magic.Here you can read about my field of expertise:
Art of Letters and Permutation (The Glyph Master): This art is the core of the magic of the ancients. Each letter is a world on its own with its own spiritual power and attribute. The ancient magicians would spend years of their lives deciphering and exploring the mysteries of each letter and its place in the cosmic order. Armed with this knowledge, they would apply complex formulas of permutation and exotic art designs to manifest these energies in their lives. They would use the letters for everything from healing to causing spirits to appear.
Magic Squares and Talismanic Art (The Sage): Magic squares have been associated and used in magic for centuries. The ancients took this art to an elaborate new level, with complex and beautiful designs. They developed intricate systems of creating specialized magic squares, using them as the basis for calling on angels, jinn, and other spirits for all their needs in life (spiritual or mundane). They also collected the talismanic art of the Sabians, Nabateans, and ancient Greeks and combined it with their knowledge of both astrology and gem stones. Magic squares and talismanic magic constitute a beautiful and vast art and science that has barely been touched upon or utilized fully in the West.
Magical Conjurations – the Jaljalutiah (The Magical Bard): The ancients recorded powerful conjurations in melodic and poetic style. The daily recitation of these conjurations provided them with a complete magical ritual. This included everything from spiritual development, to protection, to enlisting spirits to their aid in their lives. These master conjurations and bardic magic are a rare practice these days. Of the few that have survived, one of them is known as al-Jaljalutiah.
Jinn – Collaboration and Evocation (The Summoner): Jinn have fascinated people for thousands of years, both in the East and West. These are an objectively real, semi-physical race, with powerful magical attributes. They are known by many names across the world, from the Jinn of the Arabs to the Sidhe and Elves of Europe. All the legends and myths have one common element: they don’t like to be seen or found by humans. This is true and, as a result, most of the magic of communicating with them has slowly disappeared from the world. Yet they continue to exist around us and from time to time we spot them as beings of light or dark shadow-like beings that then disappear. They are responsible for many occult and psychic phenomena and still they continue to distrust and avoid us as much as possible. The knowledge of communicating with them hasn’t been totally lost. The Arabic art of Jinn Magic remains almost in its complete form.


My spells are based on Ilm al horuf (science of letters): the art of permutation and combination known as Temurah in jewish tradition and then awfaq : magical squares which belong to old civilizations (Enoch),and practised by famous arab occult teachers especially Ahmed ben Ali Ali Buni,Ibn Arabi and Al Ghazali.
These kind of spells are secret and complicated and they have powerful effects.

The majority of our corpus material is written in Arabic and Persian. However, our practices go back to the ancient Magi of Chaldea, and that is truly where the spiritual heart of our corpus lies. Our sources were written by Arabian occultists, such as al-Buni, Ibn Arabi, and many others, in the Middle Ages. These Arabic masters make heavy mention of Hebrew writing, Hermetic lore, and Babylonian and Chaldean teachings. Our craft is not really restricted to one semitic tribe or language, as the legacy and wisdom of the Magi permeated the entire region.

Love spells are often requested nowadays so here are some examples of spells i can do for you:

. Reunit lovers and separated partners (even divorced).
· Cause your lover, ex or a friend to fall irresistibly in love with you!
· Find your true soul mate and get married (no matter what your age!)
· Heal a broken heart.
. Powerful protection spells (rare spells)
. Healing spells.
. Spell for general purpose

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comment you are welcome.
If you are interested in one of my services please contact me first to analyze your situation and then will recommend the type of spell that will suit your case.

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Friday, May 26, 2006

Arabic magic

Secrets of ancient magic.

Magic is an ancient art with thousands of years of history and many facets. The word magic itself has had so many associations over the centuries that it isn’t enough any more to say you are a magician. You need to specify what kind of a magician you are. Over the last hundred years a number of labels have become increasingly popular in the Western world, such as Golden Dawn, Enochian, Chaos, Voodoo, High versus Low, Ceremonial, Ritual, Egyptian, Thelemic, and many others [‘a label’ Magical System] that are available for you to chose from. Many of those monikers are modern and convey an understanding and view of magic that is different from what the ancients believed and practiced as their craft of wisdom. The idea that there are various traditions and approaches to magic is rooted in history. Nevertheless, magical approaches and techniques the world over share remarkable similarity even when the cultural parameters, labels, and certain philosophies differ. One of the oldest magical traditions and the most influential worldwide was the one that emerged from the melting pots of civilizations in the Mediterranean and the Middle East. It gave us Sabian, Chaldean, Hermetic, Hebrew, Syriac, Coptic, Egyptian, Greek, and Arabic systems of magic, which the ancients viewed as one craft with many masters. It is why Chaldean magical approaches can be seen in Jewish occult writing and why Arabic magicians talked of their master Hermes and why Egyptian-Greek papyri mixed Egyptian, Hebrew, and Greek Divine names together in one incantation. Magic is magic, growing and expanding, yet one craft. Over hundreds of years, the combinations and exchanges between those disciplines eventually coalesced to form a single fountain that today feeds many occult rivers across the world.

Arabic magical literature was the last pure incarnation of those ancient techniques. It borrowed heavily from previous civilizations and preserved or synthesized the various systems into one unified operative system. While doing so, Arabic magicians made an effort to credit the various schools of magic and their influences. This gives us today a lucid and valuable snapshot of the various magical philosophies that predate them and some of the thoughts that went into some of the things that modern magicians take for granted.

Hebrew, Coptic, and Arabic School (Angelic Magic)

This is the most trusted and commonly used method of magic in both medieval and modern magic. It is based on reciting evocations consisting of prayers and a set of names and charges with unknown meaning in certain arrangements. Those conjurations are recited as oration to an invisible audience. They believed that magical effect arises from the jinn and that those conjurations compel angels who in turn compel the jinn. Many of these names and methods were revealed to saints and prophets in dreams or revelation.

There are three ways to call up the rouhaniah for magical operations. They are as follows:

a) Istikhdam or utilization is the highest and most beneficial form. It only comes to pass after an extended period, which differs based on methods. Often this results in some powerful physical manifestations and involves long term covenants.
b) Istinzal or bringing down; in this case the response occurs quickly, but the benefits are limited to limited things such as revealing hidden knowledge or curing someone who is possessed.
c) Istihdar or to make present; this is the lowest of the kind. This is the most popular and common method and is often confused with the other two. It is only beneficial for knowing things that are hidden. The presence or appearance of the rouhaniah or jinn occurs either during one’s waking period through attachment of the spirit to the body of a boy or in a mirror during the session, resulting in imaginative images appearing on the mirror as the boy enters into a state similar to sleep (hypnotic trance). If the experience occurs during sleep, where answers occur in dreams, it is referred to as unveiling.

The book al-Madkhal (The Introduction) by Salim Ben Thabit is the most complete book on this kind of magic from the Hebrew perspective.

The book al-Jawharah (The Jewel) by al-Khwarizmi is the good introduction to the methods of Istinzal and Istihdar.
The book al-Eedah al-Andulsi (Andalusian Clarification) is a good introduction to Istikhdam techniques.

The book al-Ghumar to Khalf Ben Yosef al-Dasmasamani is an excellent book on all three techniques.

The best of all books on this subject is called al-Basateen [The Orchids] as it teaches how to call and enlist the aid of the spirits of humans, jinn, and demons.

It should be noted that the fourth school is similar to the third in devotion, prayers, and appeals to the rouhaniat. However, the adorations and appeals are to angels and not planets. They do follow and watch for astrological alignments, but consider astrological effects to be natural phenomena obedient to the Divine creator and don’t consider the planets in and of themselves to be perfect causers, but instead, obedient agents to the Divine and angels.